East Los Angeles College, Monterey Park, CA

Client: Los Angeles Community College District
Construction Cost: $9,468,770
Size: 60,000 sq.ft.
LEED®-NC Certification Certified

Reorganizing the existing and new addition to create a modern functional campus library

Before renovation

After renovation

Before renovation

After renovation, the main entrance to the library has been relocated to the inner campus quad for a better flow and circulation.

Helen Miller Bailey Library

IBI Group was selected by East Los Angeles College to perform a building program analysis for the expansion study of their existing 25-year old Bailey Library and designed a new library expansion and full modernization of the existing. The original two-story 44,212 GSF building is located prominently facing the ceremonial campus entry quad to the campus.

Our team provided a detailed building evaluation for the modernization and addition to the two-story library. The detailed review, analysis and design provided upgrades which include full ADA compliance, mechanical distribution of the HVAC, Plumbing and Fire Protection infrastructure, electrical recommendations for the distribution of power, lighting, telecommunications, security and fire alarm. The Programming efforts included an extensive interview process with the Library Department Staff and the preparation of Detailed Space summaries establishing the assignable square footage requirements. The new programmed space was implemented by reorganizing the existing and new addition to create a modern 60,000 sq.ft. functional campus library.

A new exterior façade enclose the additions on north and south, interlocking with the existing concrete structure. The south edge interacts with the campus entry quad though its horizontal ribbons of glazing and shading elements for protection from heat gain and glare. The north façade is designed to optimize the natural northern facing light integrated with the new entry lobby which wraps around the western edge to engage with the main student access from the plaza at the south and a new quad to the north west. The newly redesign library is now the “Crowning Jewel” of the campus.

The library is designed to interact with the main campus entry plaza as well as creating a welcoming gesture to the students and neighborhood it serves. Long expanses of the exterior envelop are carefully designed window walls of solarized glazing and shading devices allow the maximum amount of natural light and maximum protection of direct sunlight and glare yet maintaining views throughout the library. The use of the natural light and integrated with internal lighting systems contribute to a overall lower energy consumption. Other features considered during the design which contribute to the sustainability include the use of low flow plumbing fixtures, and the selective use of materials which are sustainable. Upon completion of the Library it will be certified at a Certified LEED rating.

Program Study, Designer, Construction Documents, Signage Design, LEED AP
Los Angeles Community College District
2005 – Program Study & FPP Report, 2012 Construction Completion
College Library – Modernization