San Jose, CA

Client: City of San Jose, Department of Public Works
Construction Cost: $8,300,000 – New Construction
Size: 16,000 sq.ft.
Completion: 2016
LEED®-NC Certification Silver (estimate)

The Library is the community anchor

Computer 3D rendering (SketchUp, V-Ray) had been implemented throughout the concept design phase.

Along Classico Avenue shows the activity inside the library. Creating “showroom” like for learning environment.

Library Floor Plan

Library Finish Plan – The idea came from the fountain right outside the library. It is the fountain of community and knowledge that flow right through the different part of the building.

Children’s Area, the heart of the Library

SketchUp animation showing the concept design for the Children’s Gateway. It is a quick and friendly way to show the client and the community how the space would look like in 3D. Thie is “option 1 – Enchanted Forest” that was presented.

This is “Option 2 – Clock Tower and Miniature City”. It is representing a children’s world of learning. The area is filled with colorful numbers and learning graphic. At the end, this is the option that was selected by the client.

Custom murals representing the history of the Evergreen Village.
Colorful and fun signage helps kids learn how to count.

Children’s Area, there’s a lot happening during playtime. Little ones are lifting, dropping, looking, pouring, bouncing, hiding, building, knocking down, and more. And while they are having all this fun, they are also learning. They are learning how to solve problems (such as how to get the block tower to stand up) and discovering new things. They are experimenting with new roles and language during dress-up time or role playing, and figuring out how to use their bodies in new ways on the playground.

Our design goal is to create a connection between inside and outside. Having a full glass window bringing in natural light creating friendly reading area for all ages.

Community Room is designed to be open and highly visible to the public. One that is designed to allow community functions to flow from inside to out.

Saturday, April 16, 2016 at 11:00am
The community celebration featured welcome remarks and ribbon cutting by Mayor Sam Liccardo, Vice Mayor Rose Herrera and City Librarian Jill Bourne. It was a a remarkable turnout with the highest number of people attending the celebration in the City of San Jose Public Library’s record.

Village Square Branch Library

Village Square Branch is the final facility funded by the Branch Library Bond Measure approved by voters in November 2000, which allotted $212 million for construction of six new and 14 expanded branch libraries.

The 26,000 sq.ft. library’s site was subdivided from a previously developed 3.4 acre parcel. The site is located on the northeast corner bounded by Classico Avenue to the west, Evergreen Village Square to the north, a new retail development to the east, and a private access drive to the south Townhouse Units.

The Library is the community anchor for Evergreen Square and its surrounding Community. The Community Room is situated at the Southern end of the property along Classico with its own entrance as well as one directly from within the library. It is designed to function while the Library is open or closed with restroom accommodations accessible for either situation. In response to community input the Community Room is designed to be open and highly visible to the public. Immediately adjacent to the Community Room is an outdoor gathering plaza. One that is designed to allow community functions to flow from inside to out.

The approach to sustainability is one that is integral to its design approach. The selection of the library site was carefully analyzed for it central local and adjacencies to its patrons to promote walkability from its surrounding neighborhoods. From the onset of the project, transparency was a primary goal not only for its interactivity with its patrons but with our environment.

Responsive orientation of the building and its elements support sustainability. Transparency is carefully placed for optimization of views, daylighting, user comfort and energy efficiencies. Large amounts of low-E glazing are utilized for transparency and as a means of energy conservation. The embracing of these day lighting concepts will reduce energy consumption for lighting, reduce heat gain from lights and reduce cooling costs. Besides the glazing, wall and roof insulation provide additional comfort. Green building materials are used throughout including wood that is Forest Stewardship Council Certified (FSC) – meaning it was grown and harvested in a responsible manner, and materials containing recycled content –the carpeting.

This new Village Square Branch Library will better serve the needs of this community, providing facilities for lifelong learning and gathering, while supporting a more sustainable environment and strengthening the identity of the community.

Project Architect, LEED AP
City of San Jose, Department of Public Works
Completed 2016
Public Library – New Construction